September 3, 2014

Critical Update: A Chance to Heal & Harvard – The Next Iteration

A Chance to Heal is advancing a new trajectory – our last stage of growth as a formal organization. You have played a critical role throughout our history and we hope you will take an interest in this final but significant act.

With your help and support, A Chance to Heal will live on at Harvard School of Public Health through an endowed fund to support the work of STRIPED and with our professional papers residing at Kenyon College.

This unique fund is a formidable opportunity to honor A Chance to Heal’s influence and carry forward our mission of the prevention of eating disorders.

Last summer we informed you that we needed to cease day-to-day operation to engage in an environmental assessment of the issues and viability of A Chance to Heal. At that time, we thought it would take three to six month to evaluate programs and strategies focused on creating a sustainable organization. The reality was far different from what we thought given competing needs in the community and the impact of the economy on non-profit organizations, especially those oriented to prevention of eating disorders. As often happens, the delay helped to uncover the right opportunity with the right partners to carry forward the vision and essence of A Chance to Heal as well as honoring the work and commitment of people like you to this cause.

The A Chance to Heal Fund at STRIPED is a direct result of the incredible work of Dr. S. Bryn Austin. Bryn is an Assistant Professor in Social and Behavioral Sciences at Harvard School of Public Health, an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, and an Advisory Board member of A Chance to Heal. Dr. Austin spoke at our April 2011 symposium – Advancing the Eating Disorder Public Health Agenda: A National Conversation.

STRIPED is an acronym for “Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders.” This training program and public health incubator is based within two well-established institutions – Harvard School of Public Health and Boston Children’s Hospital. STRIPED innovates by bringing together experts in public health, adolescent preventative medicine, health law, policy, economics, and other disciplines to conduct research and train students. STRIPED fellows go on to teach or conduct research in other high performing situations, expanding the reach of our core mission of prevention. To date twenty STRIPED fellows now work in our core mission, Preventing Eating Disorders through Public Health Initiatives.

Kenyon College, through the herculean work of Dr. Michael Levine, has amassed a critical repository of scholarly work in the field of Eating Disorders Prevention and Treatment. We are deeply honored to have them accept our papers.

You can make this passage a reality and help honor our legacy.

We have six months to raise the minimum requirement of $100,000 to endow the A Chance to Heal Fund to benefit STRIPED. A generous donor has stepped forward to match every dollar you give with an additional dollar donated. Already more than $15,000 has been pledged, leaving $35,000 of contributions needed to reach our goal of a permanent legacy for A Chance to Heal at Harvard School of Public Health.

Because A Chance to Heal ceased operation on January 1, 2013 all tax-deductible donations are made directly to Harvard School of Public Health with a designation for the A Chance to Heal Fund. Harvard School of Public Health will provide donor services, appropriate tax documentation, acknowledgement of contributions, and future updates of the STRIPED program. If for some unfortunate reason we do not meet the $100,000 goal to endow the fund, these directed donations will be used by STRIPED as “current use funds,” directly supporting the program but not in the deeper, more meaningful, and permanent way that the endowment will enable.

You will have a chance to meet and talk with Dr. Austin on June 19th during a celebration of this momentous event, which will be hosted by Leigh Fillipini at her home in Chestnut Hill, PA. Bryn will speak about STRIPED and together we will raise our glasses to honor you and all of the volunteers, staff members, community partners, and supporters that helped make the work of this incredible organization possible. More information about this event will provided to you in the next few weeks.

Please help this one last time to diminish the possibility of any more lives lost to this insidious disorder. If you wish to make a donation at this time please complete the attached form and return it to Kate Osterman at Harvard School of Public Health at the address indicated. If you have any questions, please email or call her at or (617) 432-8435.

Thank you for all the ways in which you have supported A Chance to Heal these past 7 years. With much love to each and every one and with the belief in the possibility for a stronger future,


Ivy Silver, Rachel Silver, and the Board of Directors of A Chance to Heal


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